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Good News Newspapers are multiple publications for different communities known as the Good News Newspapers (GNNs). GNNs offers an optimistic view of a pessimistic world. GNNs publications are full color, multiple section, tabloid­ size (11" tall x 10" wide), 6 column wide publications that prints every weeks. In addition to the print editions, an enhanced digital version of each publication can be found under www.GNNetwork.net. From this site, users will have the option to choose the publication for their community or access a combined version containing all the publications. GNNetwork.net focus only on the good news in and around local communities. Each publication will highlight people, businesses, churches, groups and events that have had a positive influence in their community.

Our world today is so full of evil, tragedy, and natural catastrophes that many have lost hope. Everywhere we look, it seems there is only heartache and disappointment. These publications will provide people with proof that there is still good in the world, even in their own backyards. Even events that may be horrendous, instead of focusing on the event, GNN s will focus on the people and organizations that stepped up and helped - the sacrifices made by passers-by and strangers, that in a moment of severe need, they were there.

The majority of customers a business gets are from their immediate area. Most people will not drive an hour away to eat at a restaurant, go to a dry cleaner, shop at a store or get a hair cut. A small business does not need to pay for advertising that is being read by someone 100 miles away. The likelihood of that reader visiting or using that business is very slim, unless the business offers a specific item or service that they cannot get locally. The business will get more response from their advertising if they pay for their ad to reach only their ideal local customers.

The first Good News Newspapers will be published for several communities in Sevier County, TN, which includes: Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. These publications will become the boilerplate design for the other publications. After the initial launch of the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg publications, Good News Newspapers will expand into other communities using the same layout and design. The target communities for the end of the first year are Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Kodak, Seymour, and-South Knoxville, TN.

Each publication will consist of at least three sections. Section (A) will be customized for each community with editorial content and specific advertising for that community. Section (B) will cover news and events State wide. Section (C) will be a nationwide section. This section will cover news across America and World. Regardless of which community you live in, every publication will get the same (B&C) sections. Advertisers will have a three tier option when it comes to placing an advertisement. Section (A) is local only for the small business that will only serve customers locally. Section (B) is for the larger company that draws customer from different counties or across the state. Section (C) is for the large national chains that pull customer from all across of country.

If an advertiser is a small business that caters only to customers in their immediate area, then they will enjoy a reduced rate on advertisementk that will be placed on only that community's (A) section. To have an advertisement that reaches only a specific individual community, the column inch (ci) rate (ci = one column wide by one inch tall) of $15/ci will be applied for b&w, for color advertisement the charge is $20/ci.
  - To have an advertisement that reaches two specific communities, the column inch rate of$25/ci will be applied for B&W, for color advertisement the charge is $35/ci.

If a business maintains customers beyond its immediate area, their advertisement will be placed in the (B) section of the publication at $30/ci for b&w and $40/ci for color advertisement. This will give businesses a little more control over their customer acquisition cost by lowering the advertising cost. The larger franchises can modify their advertising by each state Good News Newspapers is published in.

Section (C) is for the larger national chains that want maximum impact in ever issue Good News Newspapers publishes. To appear in every issue in each state Good News Newspapers reach then the full circulation price of $60/ci for b&w and $70/ci for color advertisement applies.

According to the 2009 Census, Sevierville has 12,451 full-time residents; Pigeon Forge maintains about 5,172 year round residents, and Gatlinburg holds around 3,382, people for the entire year. The total year round residents in those communities combined is only 24,005 people, but approximately 71,170-residence in total claim Sevier County as their home. Though there may not be a large population year round in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, well over a million tourists each year makes Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg their vacation destination. Good News Newspapers will use the combined exposure to expand its Good News Newspapers publications to other communities and eventually other states. Because the growth potential for this style of publication is astronomical, Good News Newspapers will be prepared to offer it as a franchise option in the years to come.

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